Prague Awaits

Gallivanting in a City of Legends!

Oh, the splendour of Prague! It beckons groups of seasoned explorers with its timeless allure and whispers tales of ancient grandeur. Gather your kindred spirits for a journey through a city steeped in history and brimming with life.

Epic Day Trips

Relive History Together

Prague Castle: Stand in awe within the walls of the world’s largest coherent castle complex! Stroll through regal gardens and grand halls. It’s where your shared memories become part of history’s tapestry.

For an evening of enchantment, board the Vltava River Cruise. Sip a glass of fine wine as twilight cascades over baroque architecture—a shared memory set against the city’s radiant glow.

Museums: Where Wonders Never Cease

Embrace your curiosity at the Museum of Senses. It’s not your ordinary museum visit; it’s an extraordinary exploration of reality that will have you and your group chuckling in amazement.

Nature’s Retreats: Greenery and Grandeur

In Kampa Park, you’ll discover an oasis where time slows down. Here, laughter and leisure walk hand-in-hand amid sprawling greens—perfect for picnics or moments of tranquillity.

Gourmet Gatherings: Where Feasting Meets Fine Company

Prepare thy palate! Indulge in a Medieval Dinner with Unlimited Drinks, where the raucous joy of the past meets the culinary sophistication you’ve grown to savour. Make merry as a minstrel plays!

Exclusive Feature

Slumber in Style: Curated Comforts for Your Group

This July, experience the sheer excitement of the Dance World Cup Finals in Prague. Revel in the grace and athleticism of world-class dancers. Whether you’re organising a team for the events or organising support, we can help you find the perfect hotel for your group. Just fill in the form at the bottom of the page, and we will do the rest! It’s more than just a spectacle — it’s a rhythmic rendezvous with the arts!

As the day’s escapades come to an end, retreat to one of rooms4groups’ handpicked havens:

  • Wellness Hotel Step Prague: Rejuvenate with top-notch wellness amenities. Who says exploration can’t be paired with indulgence?
  • Ambassador Zlata Husa Prague: Bask in luxury amid the thrum of Wenceslas Square—your sophisticated urban escape.
  • Holiday Inn Prague: Sleek comforts for the modern traveller. Come for the convenience; stay for the quality.
  • PLAZA PRAGUE HOTEL: Experience the warmth of Czech hospitality wrapped in the embrace of classic elegance.
  • EA Hotel Sonata Prague: Unwind to the city’s stunning backdrop in a haven of chic relaxation.
  • Ibis Praha Mala Strana- Prague: Trendy, spirited comfort without the hefty price tag because smart is the new fabulous.

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Dear travellers, Prague is your playground, ready to amplify your wanderlust with its captivating chronicles and cultural delights. From royal treks to gastronomic fêtes, this city is a mosaic of experiences waiting for your touch.

So gather your entourage, pack with purpose, and let Prague wrap you in its majestic embrace. In this city, every corner tells a story, and every moment is a chance to weave your own. Get in touch with us, and let the city’s heartbeat sync with yours in a symphony of unforgettable adventures!

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