The One Behind the Magic


The One Behind the Magic

Meet Maria: The One Behind the Magic at rooms4groups!

Today, we’re pulling back the curtain to reveal the powerhouse behind rooms4groups. Meet Maria Turley Allerton, our trailblazing Managing Director, a champion in the group booking space and a passionate globe-trotter.

Maria’s love for travel is infectious, much like her energy and enthusiasm for rooms4groups. When asked about her favourite holiday destination, she says, “Anywhere! Every holiday or trip – from Sri Lanka to camping in the Yorkshire Dales is an adventure!” That’s the spirit of a true adventurer speaking!

Bucket List Goals

For Maria, the world is full of wonders waiting to be explored. Her dream destination? The exotic island paradise of Zanzibar! And what’s on her must-see list? The ancient city of Petra and the mesmerising Northern Lights. Talk about bucket list goals!

Now, let’s talk travel hacks. Are you a folder or a roller when packing your suitcase? Maria swears by the rolling method. It seems our MD knows a thing or two about efficient packing! But she goes even further by suggesting the best hack of all is not actually to take a suitcase! Invest in a big holdall for under the seat, and you save big on baggage fees!

City or Beach? Both!

When given the choice between a tourist hub and a less-travelled place, Maria opts for the road less travelled. As for the age-old debate between city breaks and beach holidays, why choose? She’d rather have the best of both worlds with a city by the beach like Palma Majorca.

As someone who’s sampled cuisines from around the world, Maria can’t pick just one favourite. She’s torn between the fiery flavours of Thai food and the variety offered by Tapas. Yum!

If Maria were stranded on a deserted island, she wouldn’t need much. She’d bring her three boys along, proving that family really is the greatest adventure of all.

Words of Wisdom

Maria’s favourite travel tip is simple yet profound. “Go, go, go! You will never regret a trip. Life is an adventure.” Wise words, indeed.

rooms4groups sponsors football teamMaria may not be part of any team or association, but rooms4groups proudly sponsors Hamilton Panthers Under 9s Greens, a junior football team that Sam (Son) plays for and James (Husband) coaches. It’s clear that Maria’s passion extends beyond travel and into her community.

So there you have it! A peek into the life of our fearless leader, Maria Turley Allerton. Her love for travel, adventure, and family is at the heart of everything she does at rooms4groups. And it’s this passion that drives us to offer you the best group booking experience every time. Stay tuned for more team introductions and insider tips from the rooms4groups team!

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