Located at number 45 on República de Uruguay Street you will find City Centro Mexico City; the hotel that transforms a building from the time of the Porfiriato era with innovative and dynamic design trends, offering a new experience that stirs the senses in personal and creative ways, redefining a hotel stay in the heart of the country.

In contrast to its Gothic façade, the interior design of City Centro creates a contemporary blend combining the beauty of the imperfect with the purity of lighter tones and the warmth of sophisticated materials, providing brightness, luminosity and a sense of peacefulness in the hall, rooms and suite areas.

To complete the perfect experience, City Centro has created a personalized service that recognizes and caters to each guest’s needs, including American breakfast, complimentary WiFi, a Business Center and transportation included subject to availability and reservation beforehand.

Additionally, City Centro has a bicycle service for those wishing to explore the streets of historic downtown and discover its rich history at every corner.

*Eclectic breakfast, american-continental fusion (buffet mode).